Please Don’t Go Naked on the Internet

Friends and colleagues have asked why I don’t use Social Media,, you know to comment on the things I feel strongly about.

My answer to them was always that once things got uncorked, I might not be able to stop.

I have some opinions about this article.

I recommend my customers, friends, and family take a “Kevlar-style” approach to security. This means a multi-layered approach to keeping yourself, your family, your company, and your customer’s data safe.

The same way an intelligent person would not brave the winter elements in a summer T-shirt and expect to escape unscathed from the elements during a NY City blizzard, the thought of going “naked” on the Internet is, to me, insane.

There is an argument being made by some security protection vendors that their product and the base installed Microsoft antivirus tools are sufficient to protect a computer from a viral attack.

The fallacy that a computer can be protected from a viral attack is the first point to take down. As security professionals, we work to mitigate the effects of an attack and remediate them without data loss or compromise. There are always new vulnerabilities, in ALL operating systems, being discovered and either directly exploited or reported on and then being exploited.

The point of an antivirus program on a computer is not to stop all attacks, but to remove the known and recently discovered attack vectors.

Not using an antivirus program is like saying “We have airbags and self-driving cars that work pretty well now. I don’t think I need a seat belt for myself, nor do I need to strap in the child seat.” The statement reveals a myopic view of how the protection systems are designed to work in concert with each other.

Please, to keep yourself, your family, your data, and your customer’s data safe do not go without antivirus on your computers.

Photo by Mia Anderson on Unsplash