GoDaddy Password Database Breached

Password Hacked?  Change it, use a complex one and use a password management tool.

A number of clients have returned from the Thanksgiving break to read emails about their GoDaddy account possibly being compromised.

If you missed the news, GoDaddy filed a report with the SEC on November 22, 2021 that on November 17, 2021 it discovered on September 6, 2021 someone gained unauthorized access to their site and may have compromised up to 1.2 Million accounts.

Just to break that down:

On September 6, 2021 someone gained access to GoDaddy account password database.

   72 days later…

On November 17, 2021 GoDaddy discovered it.

   5 days later…

On November 22, 2021 GoDaddy announced it to the SEC.

Same day the general media picked up the story.

From the date of the breach to the date that most people were made aware of it; 77 days.

Please make sure you have checked your credit card account and your GoDaddy account.

Then make sure you change your GoDaddy password to something complex.

Use a password management tool to ensure complexity and to keep track of it. (We at IT On Demand recommend one to our clients, but use one that you like and will actually USE)

After you do this, enable multi-factor authentication on your GoDaddy account.  You can find this under your Profile > Account Settings > Login & PIN > 2-Step Verification.

Your banking application most likely requires it.  You should use it for any service you use online where you don’t want to lose the thing you have online.  Like a domain name that runs your business and you rely on for your brand. 

Ya know, things you might find important.

Photo by Ainur Iman on Unsplash