Cyber Security

Protect your business from cyber threats with proactive data and network security solutions

You can’t afford to ignore cybersecurity

Your business is under attack. Between malware, viruses, hackers, and even the inadvertent actions of your own employees, you face a constant barrage of cyber threats that endanger your network and sensitive data. Every year, victims of cyberattacks suffer massive losses to both to their finances and their reputation. If you’re not investing in reliable cybersecurity services, you’re putting your business at risk of a major breach from which you may never recover.

The average cost of a data breach in the U.S. is $9.05M, the highest in the world.
IBM 2021) 

Each record lost or stolen in a breach costs an average of $161.
(IBM 2021) 

Data breaches exposed over 37 billion records in 2020.
RiskBased Security)

Bulletproof your business from ever-evolving cyberattacks
with IT On Demand

We understand that you need reliable protections against cyber threats and the peace of mind that your business is secure. We identify the vulnerabilities and threats facing your business and provide proactive computer data security and network security services that keep you safe. With security solutions that encompass every aspect of your company, you can stop worrying about the safety of your business and spend more time getting business done.

Safety from Hackers & Viruses

With comprehensive antivirus, antispam, data management, PC protection, monitoring, and more, our network security solutions will cover all your bases.

Your Own Security Team

We treat your security as if it were our own. When you work with IT On Demand, we become your security team, recommending and implementing security strategies you need to stay safe.

Data Protection

Your data is the lifeblood of your organization. Our data security services will safeguard your sensitive company data and customer information from hackers and cyber threats.

Cyber Shield Law Compliance (23 NYCRR Part 500)

While cybersecurity is essential for any business, it’s especially critical for businesses in industries that handle highly sensitive customer data, such as financial information. IT On Demand specializes in cybersecurity services for New York financial firms who are subject to the New York Department of Financial Services Cybersecurity Regulations. We can act as your IT security team and Chief Information Security Officer to keep your organization in compliance with all 18 of the law’s regulations. 

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Our Cybersecurity Services


Improve the security and performance of your IT resources while gaining unparalleled flexibility and convenience. With virtual firewalls and centralized data storage, it’s easy to protect your network without needing to maintain and secure physical infrastructure.

Hosted Solutions

We support and manage your software and technologies, so you can enjoy the advantages of Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, Quickbooks, and other applications without any worries. Our cloud-based hosted solutions are highly secure, so you can be confident your data is safe.

Security Consulting

We act as your security team and Chief Information Security Officer to ensure that your technology is operating efficiently and securely. Our IT consulting services provide economical security solutions that help you leverage your IT investment.

Email/Spam Protection

With 92% of malware being delivered by email, protecting your inbox is critical. Avoid falling victim to phishing and email scams with our email protection services that will help you stop spam, malware, and viruses before they land in your inbox.

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