Do Hackers Have Access to Your Passwords?

Protect Your Business, Your Employees and Your Clients’ Information with a Cyber Security Risk Assessment by IT On Demand

One of the biggest security threats your business will face is the stealing of passwords, social security numbers, credit card information…and often, you’ll have no idea there’s been a breach. Hackers are clever, tricking your employees into disclosing log-in details—granting these criminals FULL access to confidential data, client accounts and more.

What can you do?

In two words: Be Proactive.

Every second, 75 new records are stolen (Breach Level Index). You may have already been hacked, or your business may unknowingly be putting sensitive information in jeopardy.

But not to worry, IT On Demand’s Cyber Security Risk Assessment can determine if your passwords have been stolen, if employees are giving away information…and even train your staff to better protect your company’s valuable data.

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Have Your Passwords Been Stolen?

Hackers don’t just find your passwords and use them for themselves. They put them up for sale on the dark web. This means there’s absolutely no limit to how many people can get their hands on your log-in credentials, for access to your financial accounts, your clients’ and employees’ confidential information and much more.

IT On Demand will search for—and find—stolen passwords so you can change them before a major data breach occurs. Plus, we’ll monitor the dark web for your passwords going forward.

Are Your Employees Giving Away Your Passwords?

Members of your staff may be receiving phishing emails, which can look legitimate and be very convincing. Those same employees may also be unwittingly giving away your credit card numbers, passwords and other sensitive information.

How will you know if this is happening? We’ll send fabricated phishing emails to your staff to see who bites. By doing this, we will identify those employees who should receive online security training.

Do Your Employees Know What to Do?

Members of your staff are your most valuable assets—but they’re also your biggest security threat. There may be no ill will involved; maybe they’re simply being tricked into clicking on dangerous links.

With the right education, you can turn even the most careless employee into your business’ most valuable cyber security defender. IT On Demand will provide that education, to keep employees—and your most confidential information—secure.

The Consequences of a Cyber Attack

No one wants criminals to have access to information that should be protected. But what happens in the case of a breach? Who’s responsible?

You are. Your business has been charged with protecting your clients’ and your employees’ data, and in the case of a breach, you could be subject to the loss of clients, fines and even lawsuits.

Why Choose IT On Demand for your Cyber Security Risk Assessment?

The Technology

The dark-web-monitoring platform used by IT On Demand employs the number-one-rated intelligence software available today. You will be alerted to stolen passwords before the unthinkable happens.

The Support Team

With a Cyber Security Risk Assessment from IT On Demand, you can rest assured that you’ll be notified if a password has been stolen. But that’s not all. You’ll also have a group of knowledgeable, responsive IT professionals, with more than 20 years’ experience, at your disposal. They’ll set you up, as well as provide ongoing support to ensure your business is protected.

Every Day that Passes Could Mean Another Stolen Password

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