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“What’s the difference between a security breach and a security compromise?” “What is cyber security risk insurance—and should I have it?” “Is my business at risk of a ransomware attack?” “What’s the truth about New York regulations like Cyber Shield Law and 23nycrr-500?”

Have you found yourself asking any of these questions?
Maybe now you’re wondering if the answers might improve the security of your business’ data—as well as that of your staff and clients.

Get answers to these questions and many more in Howard’s free weekly Byte-Sized Webinars, as well as One-Time-Only Webinars, aimed at current events and points of interest as they arise.

Free Business-Centric Advice for C-Level Executives

In these webinars, Howard Globus, Security Evangelist and Partner at IT On Demand, is sharing the vast knowledge he’s gained from more than 25 years working in Fortune-500-level automated technology and cyber security.

All of these webinars are offered at no cost, to inform finance and other fast-paced, data-sensitive industries about the importance of technology—particularly for improving speed and enhancing security.

Free Byte-Sized Webinars

Join these weekly webinars to stay informed about the current risk of cyber-attacks, and to learn how you, as a C-level executive, can head off security breaches, hackers, litigation, lawsuits, and more.

Free One-Time-Only Webinars

These webinars contain crucial IT and security information that all C-level executives should have, based on current events, new developments, impending threats and so much more.

When You are Informed, Your Business is Protected

No one knows your business as well as you do—and therefore, no one is better-equipped to protect it from the countless threats that are waiting for an opportunity to attack.

With just 30 minutes of your time, you can be on your way to defending what matters most. Register for any number of webinars now—and in the meantime, browse our full library of webinars.

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