Your Small Business Has Better Things to do than IT

With a Managed Service Provider, You can Focus on More Important Things, Like Growth

Your customers trust you—to deliver what you’ve promised and keep their information safe. But you’re a prime target for hackers because SMEs like yours don’t typically give a lot of thought to IT systems, data backup, cyber security, breaches, password theft…and criminals know that.

Your customers need you to focus on the things that matter to them—and you can’t do that if you’re bogged down with slow, insufficient or disruptive technology. Our small business partners will tell you: with managed service by IT On Demand, it’s like having an extra set of hands so they can save time and money, spend resources where they do the most good, position themselves for growth and stay competitive.

Finally, education for small business employees is paramount. 95% of breaches are caused by human error (Cybint)—but that number is radically reduced when staff members are taught to defend your small business’ data.

Streamline your small business operations with managed IT service by IT On Demand. Not sure what you’ll need, or even where to start?

Have questions about small business IT, data backup, cyber security or any number of other issues? We’d be happy to answer all of them. Contact IT On Demand now.

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