Why Are Small Businesses So Vulnerable?

Small Businesses are more at risk of a cyber attack than larger businesses.

How much more susceptible?

More than 3 times more likely to be hit by a cyber attack.

Barracuda Networks (full disclosure, they are one of the tools that we recommend small businesses use to protect their email platforms) did research on millions of emails that passed through its security platform between January 2021 and December 2021.

Barracuda Networks found that on average, businesses with fewer than 100 employees will experience over 350% more social engineering attacks than businesses with over 100 employees.

An important quote to note:

“Hackers target high-value accounts for takeover. Accounts of CEOs and CFOs are almost twice as likely to be taken over compared to average employees. Once they have access, cybercriminals use these high-value accounts to gather intelligence or launch attacks within an organization.”

“Executive assistants are also a popular target as they often have access to executive accounts and calendars and usually can send messages out on behalf of executive teams.”

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