Are holiday scams all that different than normal run-of-the-mill cyber scams?

No & Yes

All scams rely on victims being greedy or being confused.  Addressing the latter, during the holidays we are generally frazzled.  During a normal holiday season there are gifts to buy, exchanges, returns and more things to purchase, travel to plan, relatives to prepare to receive and a rush to use vacation time or flexible health care dollars, and all the preparation for end of year and a closing out of the books, figuratively and literally. We have not had a normal holiday season in almost two years now.

With the pandemic being off and then on and then back off and on again, a rush to get out and see relatives before the next iteration of variant or lockdown or need for another booster, we’re all running around like crazy.

What kinds of things should we expect to see, scam-wise, this season? Here is a short list of the scams that I’ve had reported to me since the Halloween candy was still fresh:

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